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CEBIT 2009

Hall 25 Booth E61


We kindly want to invite you to the CEBIT 2009 to see our presentation of the new product lines.  In the field of Mobile Media Solutions, the Interactive  Multitouch technology, DVB-T and also the networked displays you can find many interesting news on our booth:

The project Myday is a brand new and smart computing system for the home zone.  It enables the easy integration and networking with the whole family, from young to old, with media content, schedule planner, chat, SNS, internet, recipe software and many more.  The easy as a pie user interface hides the stable Windows CE foundation with the powerful Freescale media processor.
Myday is a home-computing station for all cases and an enrichment for all user groups.
The M7 and the N-7100 UMPC,  which is available a consumer as well as industrial embedded solution.
The M7 and N-7100 can be the optimal solution for various applications and many cases, with their universal platforms.
The mobile DVB-T receiver DT-700W and DT-800 enable a high quality DVB-T reception at home or on the road.
As standalone devices they offer the best possible flexibility to the user.
New Touchscreen solutions in the range from 7"-10" for mobile automotive applications
X-Touch MultiTouch solutions are the revolutionary human input devices for large display screens.
Advertisment measures could exponentiate, by direct interaction and feedback with your customers.
Interactive MediaKiosk applications could present your products and informations in a modern form.
The stabile PC technologie enables to exploit all possibilities of presentation, together with our "E-Manual" media concepts
we can offer a complete, finetuned system solution.
Various Mediators, our intelligent in-shop advertisement players, with the possibility of audio- video- and picture presentations are ideally suited for a cost effective mass advertisement at the point-of-sales.
Especially interesting is here the touchscreen-option, for interactive media control. Your customers can choose the desired information from the screen.
Complex, networked, interactive displays and controller, for the information control e.g. in hotels, conference rooms, museum, halls.
The ETIS-System is able to provide the most complex media and informations, to the right place, at the right time.


If you are curious on our new products, we hope that we may invite and meet you at our booth.
We would like to offer you a CEBIT ticket for the show, please send us simply your request by mail
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MultiTouch Solutions


The revolution of interactive input devices at large screens and projection systems has a name: X-Touch.  By a new camera technology we can make large screens from monitors or projection canvas interactive, from 32" to maximal 200".

You can utilize this smart technologie to enhance your advertisment measures more modern and interesting, and of course to bind your customers directly and interactivly.